Saturday 5 October 2013

Oculus Rift /Development Kit/

I had opportunity to spent some time with Oculus Rift, testing it with multiple different demos and Team Fortress 2. It is an excellent concept and I believe that it will become as popular peripheral as joysticks and keyboards are at the moment. I really like this idea of freedom of movement and deeper connection with an artificial world. We are slowly moving towards innovations which will allow us to receive virtual words of computer games with all our senses. 
  • Cons:
    • screen quality is not good enough - pixelated screen,
    • it causes motion sickness - I was laughing when I have heard about people having this problem but at the end I have experienced it by myself :-( and it did not happen just once :-(
  • Pros:
    • great idea / concept

I cannot wait to play with the consumer version of the Oculus Rift. I wish Oculus team perseverance in developing and marketing this brilliant idea and I believe that it will become a great product one day.

Screenshots from Team Fortress 2

Equipment itself

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