Sunday, 17 October 2010

Seagate 500GB / ST3500320AS firmware SD15

I bought two Seagate HDDs and one of them died few months ago (my HDD acquired the power of invisibility). :-( My first thought was 'There has to be the first time', so I accepted it (2 partitions were gone) without looking for a solution. When my second HDD died I was devastated, especially that the second one contained all my photos, documents and programming stuff. This time I decided to dig and find out what and why happened, because it is impossible to loose two HDDs in 2-3 months period.
I found out plenty of solutions and I decided to follow one of them.
I bought Nokia CA-42 cable (<£3) + a box of single cables from Maplin (8 cables per box <£3).

You have to decompose a female end of your cable (picture below) to acquire a connector which you can use for your Nokia cable.

My cable wasn't the original one so I wasn't able to identify the endings (GND, RX, TX) based on the reconnaissance performed on the USB end. I had to spent some time searching/testing and this is the final working solution: BLUE means RX, BLACK means GND, WHITE means TX. If you want to connect it to your bricked HDD you have to connect BLACK to GND jumper, BLUE to TX jumper and WHITE to RX jumper.

When your cable is prepared you can move to the next step which you can find for example there: 
Remember to read everything carefully before you start the whole procedure.
Good Luck!

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